Classic Shetlands Classic Shetlands Bringing in the Hay! Jerry & Bear earn their keep! They can bring this load to the barn at a trot! 87529233 Ladies Single Horse Draft Congress Champion 87529676 Royalty! Jerry & Bear escort our Registry Princess 87530098 Smokey & Patch Their hard work paid off! 87530810 2-Pony Draft Don't they look fine! 87531079 Jerry & Bear Oh, how proud we are of them! 87531250 Single Horse Draft 87531499 Carriage Class Our Vis-a-vis 87531919 Champion & Reserve Champion Side by Side 87532306 Wagonette/Hitch Wagon This vehicle is "convertable". The seats in the back are removable, rails placed along the sides and trailgate added make it a mini hitch wagon! Hal designed this one and it's beautiful! 87532494